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During the 1999-2000 School Year, Uniforms became mandatory for Ascension Parish Middle Schools & subsequently during the 2003-2004 the same changes were made on the High School Level which drastically changed the lives of 8th Graders in the class of 2000 & Seniors Grads in the class of 2004. I was one of those kids.

Not to mention Dutchtown High was under construction so we; the Class of 2004 had to Learn 1 system for 2 years @ East Ascension High & then be ripped away to restart the process for our final 2 Years. It was a fun yet uncertain @ times. I personally thank Mrs. Benedetto (My Art Teacher) for leaving EA & becoming a Griffin with me & continually to develop & homing my skills in my artist arenas as I advanced to Art3 & Art4.

I would also like to thank my advertising & marketing teacher Mrs. Stevens for pouring her “All Into Me” in a time where the computers & the internet was developing its own identity & we where learning how to implement the positive outreach it has. Our Final Grade was a Business Plan on a business we would one day love to have & the winner was to be announced @ Senior Award Night. I vividly remember that day & knowing I had already won that Award because I was already living my dreams! As a Junior, I had created shirts for my peers for clubs, sports team, & other groups & as a Senior I made almost all my peers Senior Countdown Shirts not to mention the 1st ever #DTOWNwhoUwit shirts



(chant started by David Lea c/o 04’ ) I knew with all that extra time, energy, & love I received from Mrs. Stevens into me it was mine. When the name was called, I quickly stood then sat back down & cheered for my friend Matt Poche who had won that award. I was devastated. I came from a household where sports wasn’t really an option because we were introduced to work at an earlier age, so I had no championships or physical accolades to soften the blow.

As a result of these events, amMazin online was born to reinstate school spirit in the hearts of all the students.


This is the Deion Sanders Rule,


“if you look good, you feel good, so you play good.”

This stretches further than any field, court,or classroom. Self-love, self-respect, self-worth, Program Tradition, & Pageantry can all be displayed in our Designs which separates us from any competitive conversations.

on top of being School Approved, we recently joined forces w/ textile manufacture                out doing our previous long lasting products that carry our signature      trademark Brand.

my father is a spartan class of 1977 & my mother a gator class of 1979. I am a G.W. Carver Bulldog. I am a Dutchtown Middle Eagle. I am an East Ascension Spartan. I am a Dutchtown High School Mighty Griffin Alumni c/o 2004.

Who are you?

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